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Study: Strong link between football and increase in reported rapes

A study by an economics professor at Texas A&M reveals a disturbing link between rape and college football. 
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A study by economics professor Jason Lindo at Texas A&M revealed a “strong link” between football games and increased reports of rapes by colleged-aged women, reportsThe Washington Post

The study, titled “College Party Culture and Sexual Assault,” found reports of rapes by women ages 17 to 24 increased 41% on the days of home football games at Division 1 schools. The reports increased 15% on the days of road games.

The study also notes after big upsets, reported rapes increased by 57%. Researches concluded football games across the 128 schools in Division I-A are linked to 253 to 770 additional rapes per year

Lindo said the increase in rape on football gamedays is “likely related” to increases in consumption of alcohol. In a Washington Post study earlier this year, 77% of students said reducing alcohol consumption on campus could help efforts to prevent sexual assault.