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Lawyer: Art Briles ‘no show’ for Baylor rape victim apology

A mediation meeting that took place on Friday between the victim and Baylor did not end with a resolution.

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An attorney representing Jasmin Hernandez, who was raped by former Baylor football player Tevin Elliott, claims that ex–Baylor head coach Art Briles did not show up for an apology Briles’s attorney had arranged between the coach and Hernandez, according to ESPN.

Elliot has been sentenced to 20 years in jail and was fined $10,000 for sexual assault. The criminal trial also led to three new rape allegations by other women.

In late March, Baylor, Briles and Hernandez agreed to resolve their differences through mediation and had an all-day mediation session scheduled for last Friday. On Thursday, Briles's attorney filed an emergency motion in federal court claiming Baylor attorneys interviewed and obtained information from Briles despite not actually representing the coach. 

The motion asked to separate Briles from Baylor in Hernandez's lawsuit, allowing each to defend themselves or settle the lawsuit independently.

After filing the motion, Briles's attorney, Ernest Cannon, told Alex Zalkin, one of Hernandez's attorneys, that Briles would attend Friday's mediation session "to support Jasmin ... and help her, and to apologize to her and her family," Zalkin told ESPN's Outside the Lines.

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However, after reaching a settlement with Baylor over his firing, Briles withdrew his motion to separate himself from Baylor, and, according to Zalkin, neither Briles nor Cannon appeared at the mediation session.

“Our client was heartened to know that Briles was going to apologize to her and would be supportive,” one of Hernandez's lawyers said in a statement, according to ESPN. “His failure to show up adds insult to injury and left her feeling even more betrayed.”

"[Briles] used the threat of helping Jasmin in her lawsuit against Baylor as leverage to negotiate his wrongful termination claim against Baylor," Zalkin told Outside the Lines. "He doesn't care about victims. He never cared about victims. He's using victims. He used them to help build up his football program, and now he's using Jasmin to leverage more money out of Baylor."

Latest sexual violence allegations highlight broken system at Baylor

The mediation meeting on Friday did not end with a deal.

Last month, Baylor suspended Briles with the intent to dismiss the coach due to his handling of a string of sexual assaults involving Baylor football players in recent years.