Can Louisville still make the playoff? #DearAndy

In this week's edition of #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions on what would have to happen to get No. 6 Louisville into the College Football Playoff and more.
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In this week's #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions on…

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Can Louisville make the College Football Playoff? The 8–1 Cardinals sit at No. 6 in the rankings but lack any marquee games on their remaining schedule and have only slim chances to make the ACC title game. So what needs to happen to get Louisville into the top four?

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Does the playoff selection committee consider injuries when creating its rankings? We've seen how the March Madness selection committee deals with this, but college football is much more difficult since only four teams make the playoff. So what would happen if, for example, quarterback Deshaun Watson got hurt while Clemson won the ACC title game? Would a Watson-less Tigers still make the playoff in that hypothetical?

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If you could replace the selection committee with one other group to choose the teams that make the playoff, whom would you pick? A newspaper? Sports Illustrated? Or perhaps a certain entity in the desert?

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