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Candace Parker sports orange sneakers to honor Pat Summitt

A year after her collegiate coach's death, Candace Parker wants to honor Pat Summitt on the court

Candace Parker is sporting bright orange shoes this month to honor legendary coach Pat Summitt a year after her death. 

Parker announced after Tuesday night’s Los Angeles Sparks game that she’d continue to do so for the rest of the month.

“I’ll be wearing orange kicks all June; it was my coach’s birthday and the month she passed away,” Parker told the L.A. Daily News.

Summitt, who would have been 65 years old Wednesday, coached the Tennessee women’s basketball team for 38 years. Parker entered Tennessee in 2004 and competed from 2005–2008.

The legendary coach died June 28, 2016, from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Parker scored 17 points for the Sparks in their 97-87 win Tuesday.

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Holly Warlick, the current Tennessee Lady Vols head coach, is also honoring her former coach and coworker this month, and placed a bouquet of flowers at the feet of a Pat Summitt statue on Tennessee's campus.

"It brings reflection," she told ESPN this week. "But for me, it's moments in every day that remind me. You don't realize it's on your mind until you do realize it, and you go, 'Wow.'"