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Flashback Friday: Miami's Last Trip to Duke Was Insane

Take a look back on one of the most ridiculous finishes in recent college football memory. 

Since it's Flashback Friday and Miami is traveling to Durham, N.C., to face Duke on Friday night, let's recall the last time Duke and Miami met on the football field. 

That was, to put it mildly, one of the most ridiculous and unlikely finishes in recent memory.

It was Halloween 2015 when the Hurricanes beat the home team Blue Devils 30-27 on a game-ending kickoff return touchdown, which included eight—that's right, eight—laterals.

The ACC suspended the officiating crew the next day because they botched several calls, but man, it was fun to watch. 

No. 22 Duke scored what looked like the game winning touchdown with a two-point conversion to make it 27-24, Duke.

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With six seconds left, Miami received the ball around its own 25 yard line, and the mayhem began.

Lateral after lateral happened until Miami's Corn Elder finally found a hole, running it all the way back to the end zone and absolute chaos taking over.

The play was reviewed but was ruled in the Hurricanes' favor. The ACC said referees made four errors on the final play. 

It's pretty tough to explain, so it's best to watch to see if you can, now, two years later, understand how this possibly happened. Duke fans, look away.