Let's Talk About This Wild Tim Tebow Pump-Up Speech

Tim Tebow's pump-up speech for Tennessee on ESPN's SEC Nation was...odd. 
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Tennessee plays Alabama today, which means Tennessee is likely to get absolutely demolished by Alabama. The Volunteers are 33-point underdogs and are outmatched at virtually every position, so they're going to need to play the game of their lives if they're going to pull off the upset. To play the game of your life, you need to be fired up, so Tim Tebow decided to give a pump-up speech to Tennessee on SEC Nation. 

Tebow's heart was in the right place—it always is!—and you can tell he meant every word he said. The only problem is the speech was absolutely all over the place. Let's break it down. 

"You step up and let one thing define you. That's your effort. That's how much you care."

Solid start here. Tebow is setting the stage for a speech that focuses on effort.  But things quickly went downhill. 

"Because in this game, Alabama is better than you."

Pretty blunt, but that's undeniably true. We're still coherent at this point, but that wouldn't last long. 

"But let me tell you one thing that you better, that they better not be better at you than. And that's called heart!"

What? Let's put the cheesiness aside—and there's plenty of cheesiness—I just don't know if I've ever heard someone say "better" three times in the span of one sentence. I get what Tebow is trying to say here, but yikes, either the prompter went out or Tebow went rogue on this one. You can also tell that he knew he screwed up—look at that guilty look away from the camera. 

"It's called courage. It's called how much you care."

Yep, you said that already. 

"Everybody wants to talk about discipline and hard work and all these things. I don't believe in them."

Now there's a take. You don't believe in discipline and hard work? Do you mean you don't believe they help an underdog win or you just don't believe they exist as entities? Weren't you the guy who promised to play harder than anyone has ever played?

"Cause when you care about something, that's what makes you get up and work. That's what makes you have discipline."

We're officially lost. Do you believe in discipline or not? You just said you didn't because effort is all the matters, but now you're saying that effort is what leads to discipline?

"You walk into that stadium and you play with your brothers you fight. And guess what? That's gonna be enough. Cause right now, eh, I believe in being humble and understanding where your blessings come from. But in this game, it's about time you have some pride."

Tim, you don't have to tell us that you believe in being humble and understanding where your blessings from. You are the closest thing to a saint we have walking on this earth. Your humility is a given. 

I applaud the effort, and Tennessee can use any added motivation it can get. But for Tim's sake, let's hope his motivational speaking improves with practice.