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Watch: South Alabama Kicker Hits Amazing Field Goal

This South Alabama 46-yarder hit just about every part of the goal posts. 

While a field goal is only worth three points, this one from South Alabama's matchup against Georgia State deserved 10 in style. 

Jaguars kicker Gavin Patterson not only nailed the 46-yarder in the third quarter, but hit about every part of the goal post in the process to the surprise of announcers and those at the game. 

It bounced off the goal post three times, yes three times before it was good. 

The kick made the score 14–6 Georgia State. 

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The Jaguars eventually lost 21–13, but that kick was definitely something. It's probably not a good idea to get in the habit of hitting field goals like this, but hey, good is good, no matter how strange it looks.