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Fresh Off Upset Victory Over Miami, Pittsburgh Shows Off Its Own Chain

Miami's been flaunting that chain all season, so it's no surprise that the first team to beat the U had some fun with it. 

Miami has been flaunting its wondrous turnover chain all season—it's become a symbol of this swaggy team, which has done its part to bring the U back to glory. It's really no surprise that the chain has annoyed some teams; the last thing a team wants to see after turning the ball over is a Miami player bouncing around the sideline with a giant gold "U" chain around his neck. 

Before his team's showdown with Miami, Notre Dame defensive coordinator Mike Elko told his team that he's tired of hearing about how good the Miami defense is. He capped off his pump-up speech with "They can have the chain, we're getting the f---ing rings." 

Miami forced four turnovers in that game en route to a 41-8 blowout victory. That's the thing about this Miami team—they've backed up the trash talk all year by shutting teams down, forcing turnovers and winning games. If you don't want them to wear the chain, don't turn the ball over. 

Today, Pittsburgh finally did something about it. The Panthers scored a massive 24-14 victory over Miami that makes the U's path the playoff a bit more difficult. Perhaps more importantly in the chain world, Pitt won the turnover battle—the Panthers recovered two fumbles, including a game-clinching one in the fourth quarter. 

Avonte Maddox, who forced the final fumble which ended Miami's perfect season, was seen wearing...wait for it...a chain in the locker room after the game.


If you're Miami, you had to expect this.