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The Apple Cup: Everything You Need To Know About The Pac-12's Biggest Rivalry

Washington and Washington State will battle in the 107th Apple Cup Saturday Night

The 107th Apple Cup kicks off at 8:00 p.m. ET Saturday and, as is tradition, the Washington Huskies will face the Washington State Cougars.

One of the fiercest rivalries in sports, the Apple Cup pits the state of Washington against one another. 

Here's everything you need to know about the rivalry leading up to the game.

What is the Apple Cup?

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Seattle or Pullman hosts the Apple Cup, which began in 1900. While rivals like Michigan and Ohio State and Alabama and Auburn have more in common than fans would like to admit, Washington and Washington State pits urban vs. rural.  

Why is it called the Apple Cup?

From 1934 to 1961, the teams played for the "Governor's Trophy." But in 1962, it was renamed the "Apple Cup" because the state of Washington is a major producer of apples.

Why do people care about it?

University of Washington's proximity to Seattle brings fans stunning views of Lake Washington and Lake Union. The state's best university boasts a premier medical school, a strong research budget and an excellent business school. Husky Stadium lies along the shores of Lake Washington, just steps from the main campus.

Washington State provides a stark contrast. Located in Pullman, WSU is set in the middle of farms and wheat fields, creating a sense of isolation that bonds the city and the school.

The tension between the two sides of the state cannot be overstated. It's east vs. west; rainy vs. dry; urban vs. rural; Huskies vs. Cougars. The two sides differ greatly in politics, environment and lifestyle.

Who has won the all-time series?

While Washington enters Saturday ranked No. 17 in the country and Washington State enters ranked No. 13, the series has been lopsided in the past. Washington holds a 71-32-6 all-time record and last year's matchup was just the second time both teams came into the game with each playing for the same title.