Up 52-7, Oregon Called a Timeout to Ice The Oregon State Kicker, Who Missed

No love lost in this Civil War. 
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Oregon hosts Oregon State today in a rivalry known as the Civil War. Both teams' seasons have been forgettable—Oregon came into the game at 6-5 while Oregon State has just one win parted ways with coach Gary Andersen after six games—but these final week rivalary games give teams a chance to forge some memories. Simply put, it's always fun to kick your rivals' ass. 

Oregon got to doing that really early on. The Ducks hung up 52 in the first half and the game was basically over midway through the first quarter, but Blowout Etiquette really goes out the window in rivalry games. 

Case in point: Oregon State moved the ball into Oregon territory with under a minute remaining in the first half and lined up to kick a 47-yard field goal that would have brought the score to 52-10. Oregon coach Willie Taggart called a timeout to ice the kicker, Jordan Choukair, who then missed the kick. Of course. 

In Oregon's defense, Oregon State was pretty aggressive during pregame. 

Sure, I get the sentiment, but you can't do that on your opponents' 50-yard line when you have exactly one win. Well, you can, you're just going to get embarrassed during the actual football game, which is exactly what happened here.