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Keith Jackson's Most Memorable College Football Calls

Relive Keith Jackson's most iconic broadcasting moments, from "Hello, Heisman!" to "Going for the corner ... got it!"

In honor of the legendary college football announcer Keith Jackson," who died Friday night at 89, here are some of his most memorable calls throughout his career.

Jackson was considered by many to be the voice of college football, broadcasting the sport for 50-plus years. His iconic "Whoa Nellie" catchphrase was a regular part of Saturdays for years. He is credited with nicknaming the Rose Bowl, "The Granddaddy of Them All" and Michigan Stadium as the "Big House."

Watch the calls below: 

1991: "Hello Heisman!" Michigan's Desmond Howard caps off a punt return touchdown against Ohio State by striking the pose in the end zone.

1994: "Miracle in Ann Arbor." Colorado's quarterback Kordell Stewart stuns Michigan with this Michael Westbrook rebounded hail mary pass to win the game. 

2006: "4th and 5." Arguably one of, if not the best, college football games ever, Vince Young gave Texas the national championship with his touchdown. It was also Jackson's final broadcast of his career. What a way to finish.

1985: "And here comes Van Tiffin." Not to be confused with 2013's Kick Six, but this is the original "kick." Van Tiffin became an Alabama legend after making the game winning field goal in this Iron Bowl.

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1991: "It's up...Missed it to the right." Florida State's kicker missed a 34-yarder that could have won the game in the meeting between No. 1 and No. 2 at the time. Instead Miami took the win, knocking FSU out of national championship contention.

1996: “They’re going to be penalized for celebrating but right now they don’t give a hoot about that.” Florida running back Terry Jackson ran for a 42-yard touchdown in the Sugar Bowl. 

1978: "And we got a big fight going on... come on now quiet down folks." Ohio State's coach Woody Hayes famously punched Clemson's Charlie Bauman after he picked off a Buckeyes' pass. Hayes was fired the next day. Jackson did not mention the punch on the broadcast. 

2003: "Hold the phone" In the first overtime, this pass was initially ruled incomplete with fans rushing the field thinking Miami won. However, the pass interference penalty was given and the Buckeyes scored to tie and take to double overtime. Ohio State went on to win the national championship.

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