University of Toledo Deleted Tweet About Changing Mascot To Shrek

The university tweeted Tuesday afternoon that they would change their mascot after 500,000 retweets.
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The University of Toledo deleted a tweet from Tuesday saying that if they received 500,000 retweets they would change the school mascot to Shrek.

The school tweeted the announcement on Tuesday morning from their official account, issuing the challenge to potentially change their mascot from Rocky the Rocket to the green cartoon ogre.

The tweet was up for over three hours and reached almost 91,000 retweets before being deleted.

It was never intended to be taken seriously, according to USA Today.

"We are definitely not changing the school mascot to Shrek," University of Toledo media relations specialist Christine Billau told USA Today. "If we do reach a half million [retweets], we'd plan something special for Rocky."

Billau also said the tweet was sent out by the university's social media team, who tries to "engage and have some fun" online. 

After the tweet was taken down, the school joked it was Rocky's fault because he got jealous.

Guess Rocky's not going anywhere after all.