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Pac-12 Passes Rule Requiring Teams to Win Six Games to Play in a Bowl

The Pac-12 has never sent a 5–7 team to a bowl, and now it never will.

The Pac-12 will require its teams to win at least six regular-season games to play in a bowl game, eliminating the opportunity for a 5–7 squad to earn a postseason spot when there are not enough six-win teams nationally to fill the bowls.

Pac-12 presidents passed the rule proposed by a subcommittee of athletic directors.

The growing bowl lineup led to the NCAA determining in 2015 that 5–7 teams with the best Academic Progress Ratings would be bowl eligible if there were not enough six-win teams to fill the then-80 spots. Three 5–7 teams played in bowls in 2015 and two did so in 2016. None were needed last season.

No 5–7 bowl-eligible teams have been from the Pac-12, which this season has seven contracted bowl spots for its 12 schools.

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