TCU's Gary Patterson Rips New NCAA Transfer Rule: 'That's Stupid'

Patterson had some strong words for the NCAA.
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It's safe to say TCU head coach Gary Patterson does not approve of the NCAA's new transfer rule.

Patterson spoke to the Star-Telegram on Friday about the rule changes, calling the NCAA's decision to prevent schools from blocking players from leaving, "stupid."

“Here’s what’s going to happen—players from other teams are going to start recruiting people and you can’t stop them from going wherever they’re going to go,” Patterson said. “Then it’s like what we’ve been trying to stop for a long time—it’s going to become the highest bidder. The people who are going to get hurt most by this is the non-Power Five schools."

Starting in October, athletes will no longer have to ask for permission from a coach to transfer schools. Students can now inform their current school to enter their name into a national database within two days. Once the student is in the database, coaches are free to contact them.

“Schools right now, they’ve got a list of who all grad transfers are. Now, they’ll look at film and see who all the best players are [not just grad transfers] and then somebody is going to reach out and find them."

Patterson was also critical of the decision because he believed it was indicative of modern society.

“What we’re teaching our kids to do is quit. I’m not starting. I’m not getting my playing time. Every freshman I’ve ever known wants to transfer because it’s harder than anything else he did in high school.

“As I tell people all the time, at your house you’re going to allow your 17-year-old, 18-year-old to run your household? Let them pay your bills, that’s what you do? No. You don’t do that. So why are we putting our jobs in jeopardy because of an 18-year-old? That’s stupid.”