Report: Jordan McNair's Family Attorney Calls for Maryland To Fire DJ Durkin

Jordan McNair's attorney says Maryland should fire DJ Durkin for "what he did, what he didn't do and the impact on this football program"
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Maryland has placed head football coach DJ Durkin on administrative leave, after reports emerged of a toxic coaching culture following the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair in June, the university's athletic director Damon Evans announced.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada will serve as the interim head coach.

McNair's family attorney wants the school to take it a step further, calling on Maryland to fire Dunkin, according to ESPN.

"No. 1, what he did," Murphy said, "No. 2, what he didn't do, and No. 3, the impact on this football program," attorney Billy Murphy told

Murphy also said a civil lawsuit could be filed in federal court but would wait until to the outcome of an investigation, which is expected to be completed in a month.

Evans said in a statement that Maryland school will publicly release the external review it is conducting into McNair's death, adding he was "extremely concerned by the allegations of unacceptable behavior by members of our football staff detailed in recent media reports."

McNair reportedly died of a heatstroke in June after collapsing at an offseason team workout, ESPN reported Friday. He had difficulty standing up and breathing while running sprints at a May workout. McNair died two weeks later on June 13.

Murphy said that the university hasn't released the videotape workout video.

"Had this coaching staff done even minimal heatstroke training, they would have seen immediately that that's what was going on," Murphy said. "They would have iced him and called the ambulance immediately, but there was this unexplainable one-hour delay from the time that he had a seizure and the time the ambulance actually came. That's really concerning."

Head football athletic trainer Wes Robinson, director of athletic training Steve Nordwall and Court were placed on leave Friday, according to ESPN. The school didn't specify which employees were orginally placed on leave Friday.

While no official cause of death has been released, Dr. Rod Walters, a former Maryland trainer, was hired by the university to investigate if coaches and officials followed proper protocols after McNair became ill. Walters's report is expected to be released Sept. 15. McNair's parents hired a Baltimore law firm to also investigate.