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Northwestern State Dedicated an Entire Page to Player Nicknames in Game Notes

Northwestern State's game log looked a little different than the norm. 

Northwestern State is set to open its season at Texas A&M on Thursday as the Aggies enter the Jimbo Fisher era. 

Teams release game notes ahead of upcoming contests that typically include everything a fan needs to know, including the team's schedule, roster, depth chart, statistics and history with the opponent.

The Demons decided to add an additional section to their game notes this season: a whole page dedicated to player nicknames. 

ESPN's Sam Khan Jr., first noticed the section. 

Texas A&M Tailgating Guide

The page lists 75 nicknames for 69 players, with a few multiple's thrown in the mix. They even listed them by both player name and nickname, just to make it easier on everyone. 

A few of the best nicknames: Running back Jared West is known as both "Bam Bam" and "21 Savage," defensive tackle Joey McNeely is "Big Hummus," which we assume, based on his position, might hint at a food he likes to eat to maintain his 291-pound frame. Defensive end Tyree Cormier, who stands at 6'1", 240-pound, is ironically listed as "Flea," long-snapper Evan Gibson earned the "Mufasa" honors, while wide receiver Jaylen Watson is apparently "Mute."

Surprisingly, neither starting quarterback Shelton Eppler, a JUCO transfer, or senior QB Clay Holgorsen has earned a nickname. 

The Aggies host the Demons on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET. Can Texas A&M offer up some nicknames too?