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Miami Students Start Petition to Change Mascot's Pipe to a JUUL

This needs to be stopped. All of this. 

Two students at the University of Miami want to get mascot Sebastian the Ibis up with the times. Alec Castillo and Kevin Fernandez have started a petition on to make the school alter Sebastian's old tobacco pipe to a JUUL.

The petition states that, "The University of Miami is a progressive institution that should reflect the changing cultural landscape that we live in today. We, the undersigned students of the University of Miami advocate the Board of Directors to let our school mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, hit the JUUL."

Castillo told the Miami New Times that, "It's important that we have a mascot that represents our student body. That’s why I want to see Sebastian JUUL. It's important for us to be seen as we are."

He added, "I would be so ashamed to go to a school with a mascot that's just a bird. But a smoking bird? That’s dope."

A JUUL is reportedly the most popular e-cigarette product on the market and has garnered popularity among college students. While most e-cigs look mechanical, a JUUL is special in that it looks like a flash drive and includes flavor cartridges like crème brulee and mint. To some, it would look like people are smoking out of flash drives while hanging out in dorm rooms and at parties. As its popularity has increased, so has the scrutiny around the product. 

While the petition was started in September, it has recently been shared on social media and racked up more signatures. 

Sebastian already considered hip when he was added to the Canes' turnover chain this year.