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What Was the Lowest Scoring NCAA Tournament Game in History?

Missouri State and Wisconsin set a record for the fewest points scored in a March Madness game in the shot clock era in 1999.

Fans watching Virginia vs. Texas Tech in the national championship on Monday night may have been wondering, what was the lowest scoring NCAA tournament game in history?

The fewest points scored in any NCAA tournament game is 46, a record set in 1941 when Pittsburgh beat North Carolina 26–20. The fewest scored in March Madness in the shot-clock era (since 1986) is 75, set when Missouri State beat Wisconsin 43–32 in 1999.

The lowest-scoring first half in tournament history in the shot-clock era finished with a combined 33 points, when Indiana scored 13 and UCLA scored 20 in the first half of their 2007 tournament meeting; Missouri State (21) and Wisconsin (12) who also finished with 33 points in 1999.

The fewest combined points in a first half of a tournament game is 20, set by Pittsburgh and North Carolina on March 21, 1941 in the game that finished as the lowest scoring overall tournament game in history as well.

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