Harvard-Yale Game Delayed Due to Climate Change Protest on Field


The start of the second half of Saturday's game between rivals Harvard and Yale was delayed due to a protest on the field.

A group of students and alumni from both universities stormed the field at halftime to form a sit-in. The Associated Press reports students held up banners asking the schools to help with climate change and the Puerto Rican debt relief.

Some chanted, "Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go," and hundreds of people stormed the field, per the AP.

The protestors were asked to leave the field in order for the game to resume.

The New York Post's Joel Sherman, who is attending the game, said some of the protestors willingly left the field while others were "forcefully removed" by security.

ESPN's Matt Barrie reports the protestors told police they want to be arrested. The police tied people together, two at a time, to take them off the field.

After a lengthy delay, the game resumed around 2:50 p.m. ET.

Harvard entered halftime ahead 15–3 over Yale before the protest began. The game later stretched into double overtime after the Bulldogs tied it 36–36 with a touchdown with 18 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter after recovering an on-side kick.

In overtime, Harvard scored first on Jake Smith's 25-yard pass to Cody Chrest at the Yale Bowl, which does not have stadium lights. Yale responded when Kurt Rawlings connected with Caden Herring on a nine-yard pass to send it to double overtime. The Bulldogs added another score to win 50–43 and clinch a share of the Ivy League Championship with Dartmouth.