Youngstown State Players Help Injured QB Nathan Mays Onto Field for Final Snap

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Injured Youngstown State quarterback Nathan Mays could not play in the final game of the season, but his teammates made sure he could still take the field one last time.

With 10 seconds left on the clock against Illinois State, the Penguins took a timeout so Mays could take the final snap of the game. Seniors Myles Douglas and Matt Jones helped support Mays, who was wearing a brace on his left ankle, as he made his way onto the field. After Jones snapped the ball, two other teammates helped Mays take a knee to end the game.

On Nov. 2, Mays suffered a season-ending ankle injury against North Dakota State when he was hit in the backfield. The senior told reporters he dislocated and broke his ankle and his career was over.

After Youngstown State's 21–3 win over the Redbirds on Saturday, Mays said he planned to come onto the field if they had "multiple scores by halftime" and coach Bo Pelini was supportive when he asked for permission on the sideline.

"It was pretty crazy. It didn't hit me until I actually did it and then I saw my dad in tears. It was pretty special," Mays said.