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NCAA Board of Directors Does Not Recommend One-Time Transfer Waiver 'At This Time'

The NCAA Board of Directors said alterations to the NCAA's waiver process are "not appropriate at this time," per a release on Wednesday.

The NCAA is considering a plan that grants a one-time transfer waiver that allows athletes to play immediately upon their transfer to a new school. Basketball, baseball, hockey and football players are currently forced to sit out one season if they transfer. But any potential changes to the waiver policy now are being put on hold.

"The board agreed to lift the moratorium on transfer legislation for the 2020-21 legislative cycle but recommended to the Council that changes to the waiver process as suggested by the working group are not appropriate at this time," the NCAA said on Wednesday. "Board members recommended the waiver process be sensitive to student-athlete well-being, especially those impacted by COVID-19 in the interim period."

The NCAA Board of Directors can still vote to alter the transfer rules in May. The new policy could also be put in place for the 2021-22 year if they are not enacted in 2020-21.