Trevor Lawrence's Diagnosis Is Not About Notre Dame: Unchecked

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We’ve reached the portion of the program where a positive COVID-19 test for an athlete is now about how soon they’ll be back. Because the news of Trevor Lawrence's result went from I hope he’s ok to will he be ready for Notre Dame real fast.

Remember when the state of the whole college football season was in jeopardy? Yeah, 2020 has been a lot. I’m not even saying this with judgment really because on one hand, it’s a good thing the majority of healthy individuals seemingly aren’t facing serious complications, but on the other, it’s awful that the prevalence of the virus is still the norm.

As for Lawrence, I’m sure it is his desire to be out there. He was the leader of the charge from the player's side for a season in the first place.

But let’s be real...he’d be the number one pick in the NFL Draft if he doesn’t take the field again for Clemson. This obsession over his status is really about fans and wanting to see the top player in college football out there for a marquee game.

And thus, Lawrence, still not a professional mind you, could essentially be used as a case study to see just how fast one can get back following a positive diagnosis and how much that impacts performance.

Personally, I hope he quickly and fully recovers 100% and returns to play whenever he is ready. I just don’t give a damn about whether that’s in time for Notre Dame.