Report: William & Mary Reinstates Seven Eliminated Varsity Sports

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NCAA Track and Field

William & Mary will reinstate seven varsity sports that were slated to be eliminated after 2019–20, according to the Virginian-Pilot's Marty O'Brien. 

The school's men’s indoor and outdoor track and field, swimming and gymnastics teams will be reinstated through at least the 2021–22 school year, per O'Brien. The women's gymnastics, swimming and volleyball teams were reinstated on Oct. 19. 

William & Mary announced its decision to cut the seven sports on Sept. 3 as it faced a budget deficit and "dramatic growth in athletic department costs," per O'Brien. The announced cuts affected 118 athletes and 13 coaches.

The September decision was met with considerable blowback. Groups supporting the swimming and track teams raised more than $1 million, and a Title IX lawsuit was filed on behalf of William & Mary's women’s swimmers, gymnasts and volleyball players. 

The women's track team at William & Mary also put considerable pressure on the school's administration. The team penned a letter on Oct. 25, noting it will not represent the university until the men's team was reinstated. 

"We will begin a campaign of passive resistance to the unfair practices and policies of the College's administration, including the dishonest manner in which these decisions were arrived at," the team wrote in a letter. "You can expect us to take our argument to the student body, to the faculty and to our alumni."

"What you should not expect is for us to show up in uniform, representing this institution, until the matter is resolved."

William & Mary director of athletics Samantha Huge resigned following her decision to eliminate the seven sports in October. Jeremy Martin currently serves as the university's interim director of athletics after serving as chief of staff for William & Mary president Kath Rowe.