Lane Kiffin Celebrates Long Ole Miss Touchdown With Impressive Clipboard Toss

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When the Lane Train leaves the station, it only knows one speed and one direction: fast, and toward the end zone.

Ole Miss won a shootout against South Carolina on Saturday, with the Rebels ending the game on a 21-0 run in the fourth quarter to seal the victory, 59-42. The key moment came with just over 12 minutes remaining, when quarterback Matt Corral found Elijah Moore for a 91-yard go-ahead touchdown.

There's a lot to love about the 31-second clip above. First, the play design. The Gamecocks defense is completely fooled by Corral's pump fake, leaving Moore all alone streaking down the middle of the field. The first to realize what's about to happen is Kiffin himself, as he throws two hands in the air in celebration before Corral even makes his throw.

That's when Kiffin really seizes the moment. He makes perhaps the most impressive toss of the night with an elated clipboard toss that was even picked up by the live game feed (which is more zoomed in than the clip above):

He then shows off the afterburners, sprinting down alongside Moore all the way down to the Ole Miss 26-yard line, punctuating it all with a triumphant fist pump that no doubt sparked the Rebels to their strong finish.

Kiffin himself was quite pleased with his display (and rightfully so):

Ole Miss has had an up-and-down debut season under Kiffin, but the Rebels have been nothing if not wildly entertaining. The offense has scored 113 combined points in its last two games, with at least 35 points in five of the team's seven games. 

With three games left, one-upping that majestic clipboard heave seems like a daunting task. Then again, given the Rebels' recent performances, the Lane train appears far from running out of steam.