Flashing Red Lights Cause Questionable Finish for Little Rock-Louisiana Matchup

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Red lights typically mean stop, but in Friday's matchup between Little Rock and Louisiana-Lafayette, they had the opposite effect. 

The Ragin' Cajuns signature red lights flashed with five seconds to go, but the referees didn't stop play, and it cost Little Rock the game. 

Trojans guard Markquis Nowell took the ball up the court, with his team down 66-64 with 12.8 seconds to go. The lights turned red, leaving the arena dark, but the game went on.

Forward Ruot Monyyong scrambled for a frantic three-pointer well behind the line, only for it to hit the rim. The red lights came on again, this time after the final whistle. The final seconds were not reviewed by officials and Louisiana-Lafayette came away with the 66-64 win at home.

We've seen this happen in games before—like Super Bowl XLVII—but during a pivotal moment of a tight game is different. The Ragin' Cajuns' victory drops Little Rock to 6-4.