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Oregon State Play-By-Play Announcer Says He Was Assaulted Before Sweet 16

Oregon State play-by-play radio voice Mike Parker says he was assaulted in Indianapolis right before he called the team's 65–58 win on Saturday over Loyola Chicago in the Sweet 16.

Parker told The Oregonian he was enjoying a stroll along downtown’s Canal Walk when he was approached by a man whom he described as scraggly and in his mid-20s. 

Parker said the man crossed the bridge to get to his side of the canal and asked him what he had in his bag. Parker told him it was his work bag and he was on his way to work, but the man continued to press.

Parker eventually said, "it's none of your business," but the man asked, "Do you have a bomb in that bag?”

Parker continued to walk but the man ran after him and tackled Parker to the ground. As a result, Parker suffered some abrasions on his elbow, had his shirt ripped and his shoe knocked off. 

In an interview with CBS affiliate KOIN news, Parker said he was almost knocked into the water but police were nearby and got the man off of him.

Parker gave the police a statement but declined to press charges because he still had to get to work. 

"I've got to get showered and get to the game," Parker recalled telling the police. "I'm fine. I don't want to do anything more with this; I love your city I've had a great time here, and I plan on continuing on having a great time here if the Beavers win."

Parker said calling Oregon State's win took away any remnants of pain from the wild encounter. But he might exercise some caution going forward in the NCAA men's tournament.

"I might avoid the east side of the canal area,” he said.

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