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Josh Heupel is Asked About Oklahoma Job Opening, Says He's Happy in Tennessee

With the Oklahoma job open after Lincoln Riley's big move to USC, the rumors have been flying about possible candidates to replace him. Tennessee coach Josh Heupel's name is one of them. Huepel was the starting quarterback for the Sooners during their 2000 BCS National Championship run. 

During an appearance on the local radio show WNML-FM 99.1, the Volunteers coach was asked about the rumors that he is a target for the Sooners job. He went on to say he loved being in Tennessee, but didn't swiftly deny he'd be interested in the job. 

"You know, as you build a successful program with your staff and players, certainly, your name has an opportunity to come up for different openings," Heupel said. "For myself and my family, we absolutely love Knoxville, and we came to Tennessee because of the power of the T. [I] believed in the power of the fan base and the opportunity to build something extremely special. It is a program that is top-ten in the history of college football in wins, first-round draft picks and have been through some uncertainty in recent times, but we love being in Knoxville. That's home for us. 

"I love being in the building with our staff and our players, and I know I feel stronger today than ten months ago when I first took the job about what we are going to be able to do and how quickly we are going to be able to get there. I know we're building a championship-caliber football team and program, and I am excited to continue on that venture with our current players and staff."

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After giving his initial answer, he was asked to clarify that he was in fact staying in Tennessee this year. 

"We absolutely love Tennessee and believe what we're going to be building here and can't be happier and more excited about what we are going to be able do next year and in the coming years," he said. 

In his first year in Tennessee, the team is 7–5 and heading for a bowl game. The Volunteers finished 3–7 in 2020. 

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