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Greg Gard Explains What Led Up to Ugly Scuffle With Michigan

During an altercation following the Wisconsin-Michigan game on Sunday, Michigan coach Juwan Howard swung at Wisconsin assistant Joe Krabbenhoft. Wisconsin’s Greg Hard explained what led up to the ugly scene after the 77–63 win. 

Howard did not like that Gard called a timeout at the end of the game, as the outcome was already decided. But Gard explained why he called a timeout. Wisconsin’s head coach said that during the game’s final moments his bench players only had four seconds to get the ball across half court and an official told him that if he called a timeout, he’d get a full 10 seconds to cross half court. 

“I was not going to put them in a position where the ball already got knocked out of bounds—to have to break a press in four seconds when they’re coming cold off the bench,” Gard said. “So I took a timeout, which I’m allowed to do, and brought them over and tried to get them organized.” 

He then said he instructed his players to dribble the clock out. But in the handshake line, Gard said Howard has a message for him. Gard said that Howard pulled his mask down and said “I'll remember that,” and pointed at him and tapped him on the chest. In the video of the altercation, Gard can be seen grabbing Howard by the shirt. 

“I said ‘hold on, let me explain to you why I took the timeout,’ maybe he doesn’t know the rule that you get the ten seconds reset,” Gard said. “I wasn't going to put my players in that type of situation to break a press in four seconds coming stiff cold off the bench.”

Gard also said Howard didn’t want any part of listening to his explanation. After the game, Howard said the grabbing of his shirt was an issue for him and he also said his team was not pressing in full court.  

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