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WR Prospect Jaylon Robinson Reveals Transfer Commitment in Exclusive Blog with SI

UCF transfer prospect took official visits to Ole Miss, TCU, Tennessee and Miami ahead of making final decision

Jaylon Robinson is one of the most coveted wide receivers in the NCAA transfer portal, targeted by some of the top college football programs in the country since announcing transfer intentions from UCF. Ready to make a final decision between the schools recently visited, including Ole Miss, TCU, Tennessee and Miami, Robinson pens a blog for Sports Illustrated to reveal his college choice. 

Hello everyone, this is Jaylon Robinson, also known as Jay Flash.

This has been a long process, and it has been hard. When I first jumped into the portal, I didn't think I was going to build such quick bonds as I did with these coaches. I actually learned a lot on these visits as I watched film with all of these coaches and saw how different minds think in different systems. 

One thing about it, before going in, the relationships that you build over time with your teammates are hard when you have to let it go. When you finally decide to tell them that you're leaving, it hits hard. Same with the coaching staff.

When I decided to leave UCF, man, it took a big toll on me. UCF was a school that gave me a big opportunity, and I took it and ran with it. UCF will always have a special place in my heart. But, it was a decision I felt was best for me. 

I talked with my family, and we had been talking about it for a long time -- I went to Oklahoma first, then to UCF, but I always felt like I needed to get back to the big stage (not saying UCF isn't the big stage). 

I want to play in the SEC because that has always been one of my dreams. Going back, after my injury last year, to show that I can perform at a higher level and still do the same thing I did in the AAC will be another dream come true.

The stressful nights, all the traveling, meetings, the overthinking, the reminiscing, and switching between schools and coaches is over. I just had to sit back and think about what my heart was telling me. 

My heart told me that I have decided to be an Ole Miss Rebel. From the start, my heart was telling me, from the first visit, that I was going to be an Ole Miss Rebel.

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First, I knew (Director of Recruiting Strategy) Kevin Bolden from UCF, so the Ole Miss visit was an easy transition. I was pretty comfortable with him. They gave me a warm welcome. Derrick Nix, the receivers coach, is very genuine. He's a kind man. I love his attitude, his approach and the way he talks and presented himself in a high manner. Relationships are key for me, like who can I bond with? Who could I make a connection with the quickest? I think Ole Miss gave me that. 

After meeting all of the rest of the coaches, it was a vibe from the start. They had the best presentation for me with how they plan on utilizing me and putting me in different situations. Just using me, kind of like how they used Elijah Moore, I would say as like a high school player. Where you have fun—lining up in the backfield and all of the crazy things you want to enjoy. Lane (Kiffin) said I was the missing piece for them to be more explosive. 

It is a big stage, and you get to do it at the highest level. I am just ready to get back into my groove and the old way of things. My sophomore year, I feel, still, like I left a lot on the table and wasn't me. It was just a little butter to the bread.

I have some more flavor I am going to bring to Mississippi. I trust Lane and the plan they have for me. I am excited because they are a very fun coaching staff. You have to enjoy the process, and I have enjoyed it with them. I am excited about the season.

You take a big risk when you do something like this, and I knew that it was going to be a risk going in. Having to learn a new system and compete for a spot -- because not everything is given, but I am very confident in my style of play and what I can do on the field so I wasn't really worried about playing time or competing. I'm going to compete.

I am going to compete always. Every school threw a punch at me. TCU did being the hometown school. Tennessee is where my old coaches are at. Those bonds are something I feel like will never break, but I felt like I had to take the next step forward for myself. Tennessee was probably the hardest because I think everyone thought I would go there just because I was familiar with the coaching staff because of our good bond. I wanted to try something new and push myself to be. I knew that system but wanted do something different.

I am a dude that has something to prove. 

There is not much to say because it is time to start doing something. I am ready for the first game. I hope these six months are going to be some of the best in Ole Miss history. I am coming to make history, I'm coming to leave a mark. I have a high mindset, and it is not going to go down. I have goals that I have to reach and I have goals that I will reach. I think the coaching staff will help me achieve those goals. 

I hope you all believe in me because they have a storm coming in.

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