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James Franklin Takes Issue With Aspect of Michigan Stadium

At halftime of Penn State’s game against Michigan on Saturday, the two teams got into a shouting match before heading to their separate locker rooms. Apparently that shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Penn State head coach James Franklin said the way that Michigan Stadium is designed, it is somewhat common for Michigan to get into fights with other teams in the tunnel.

“The one tunnel is a problem and has been,” Franklin said on Tuesday. “We’re not the first team to get into a jawing match in the tunnel.”

It was a tough day all around for the Nittany Lions, as they lost the game 41–17 which included getting outscored 25–3 by Michigan in the second half. Whatever was the cause of the spat between both sides, it seems as though Michigan better utilized that energy in the second half.

Michigan Stadium, aka “The Big House,” is already one of the bigger home field advantages in college football, but the location of the tunnel that leads to the locker room seems to give teams an even more unique experience.

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