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Antelope Valley to Play in NAIA Basketball Tournaments Despite University Shutting Down

The end of the college basketball season is the last opportunity for teams to play together before players go their separate ways. For Antelope Valley, however, that is going to be very literal this year.

University of the Antelope Valley in Lancaster, Calif., was forced to close their campus on Friday due to financial issues. Still, the men’s basketball team will participate in the NAIA tournament after coach Jordan Mast helped raise $40,000 to allow both the men’s and women’s basketball teams to finish their seasons.

“Unlike most teams this year who might be happy or upset with their seeding or matchup, we are feeling beyond blessed that we even get to compete,” Mast told ESPN’s Myron Medcalf

“They have still not communicated to any of us or the students what their plans are for helping students find a new school, or housing or finish their degree. The burden has fallen on the students, their families, our staff, and others in the community that care about the well-being of these young men and women.”

Other Antelope Valley teams had to cancel their seasons mid-season, but the basketball teams were able to raise enough money to keep going. Still, despite the money raised, the players had to leave their dorms with the rest of the student body.

The men’s team is set to play as the No. 6 seed in its tournament, while the women’s team earned a No. 13 seed. Both teams have a chance to go out on a high note with a potential Hollywood moment.