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Colorado’s Deion Sanders Poised to Become Grandfather for First Time

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders is preparing to become a grandfather for the first time, as his oldest child, Deiondra, announced her pregnancy on Friday.

The 56-year-old coach clearly was excited about the news when he commented on his daughter’s Instagram post announcing the news. He had to emphasize how he will be a relatively young grandfather, too.

“PREACH BABY PREACH, and u having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I'm YOUNG! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” Sanders commented.” I Love u baby and I’m glad u said u ain’t having a baby to keep a man. You’ve always had a MAN in your life that u call DADDY & ain’t gon ever ever let u DOWN especially when I’m UP. #OWWA”

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders attends a men’s basketball game.

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders is set to become a grandfather for the first time as daughter Deiondra announced she’s pregnant. 

In Deiondra’s post, she discussed how difficult it was for her to get pregnant. She wrote that she underwent four myomectomy surgeries and was told her pregnancy could cause health risks. So she calls the baby her “miracle.”

Sanders has five children: Deiondra (31) and Deion Jr. (30) with ex-wife Carolyn Chambers, then Shilo (24), Shedeur (22) and Shelomi (20) with ex-wife Pilar Biggers-Sanders.