The Chris Livingston Blog: Ready to Decide, Move to Oak Hill, Drake and More

Livingston will make his announcement on Wednesday night and decide between Kentucky, Georgetown and Tennessee State.
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Chris Livingston is a consensus top five player in the 2022 class and one of the most dominant wings in the country, regardless of class. Last season he averaged 32 points, 16 rebounds and five assists for Buchtel (Akron, Ohio), and has now transferred to national hoops powerhouse Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) with a final three of: Georgetown, Kentucky and Tennessee State. Now, Livingston has agreed to give SI All-American exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world, it’s Chris Livingston and I’m back at you with another blog.

Well, first I have to let you guys know that I’ve decided to move up my announcement to this Wednesday. I’ll be announcing at 7 p.m. ET and I’m really looking forward to it.

I was gonna decide on my 18th birthday on October 15, but I didn’t want to wait anymore. I’m excited to be making this next step in my life.

Whichever way it goes and whatever school I choose I’m just excited about what’s next!

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By now, a lot of people know that my brother and I made the move to Oak Hill and I’m loving it so far. It’s really getting me prepared for the next level in every way and that’s the best part.

We’re going to be playing in the NIBC against the best competition in the country, so I know that my game is gonna grow so much over the next year.

Chris Livingston

It was tough to leave my hometown, but I had to really look at it like a business decision.

I definitely wanted to bring a state title to my city, but I was unable to fulfill that.

That’s tough, but, at the end of the day, I had to do what was best for my future and that was this move for me.

I think the biggest adjustment is the grind.

I’m going harder than I ever have in my life. Then being out of the way here at Oak Hill is different. It’s really just books and basketball and that brings us together as a team because we’re all in it together.

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The closest Walmart is like 45 minutes away, so we just work!

We have 24 gym access here and I love that too!

I really like school life here too.

The teachers are really nice and it’s a small school so we get more attention and help.

The cool thing is that we’re always doing something here.

After school we’ve got practice then dinner and after doing your homework and studying you’re pretty tired, so you’re ready to get some sleep in!

OK, well on the music side I’m listening to Drake’s new album, and I haven’t heard the whole thing, but what I have heard has definitely lived up to the hype.

Alright guys, I’ve gotta get going, but I’ll be on the show with Sports Illustrated breaking everything down with my announcement tomorrow night so make sure to stay tuned.

Thanks again for reading!

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