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North Star (Lincoln, Neb.) shooting guard Donovan Williams was all set to kick off his official visit tour this month to Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas then Texas A&M; Kansas, Villanova and Oregon were also in the mix for Williams, but the four schools he was scheduled to take official visits to were recruiting him the hardest, according to Williams.  

Now, with the NCAA banning all in-person recruiting and suspending any official or unofficial visits until at least April 15 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams, a senior, is left with two options.

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“The first one is to make a decision right now,” Williams said. “Or I could just push everything back at least a month.”

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When asked if he felt like he could make a decision he’d feel comfortable with if he chose the former, Williams, who averaged 29 points a game for the Navigators this season, said, “Yes, there’s a school that I could decide on.”

“The thing is, I’m the type of guy who really doesn’t like to wait,” Williams said. “I’ve got good offers and, originally, I said I’d take other visits, but I’m not gonna wait around for every school to offer. If they wanted me they would’ve offered by now.”

Williams plans to have a sit down with his parents and weigh out the pros and cons of everything, though he added that his desire is “to speed it up.”

“Here’s the thing, if the schools that I had officials scheduled to tell me they’re OK with me taking my time and no one is gonna take my scholarship then I would probably take my time,” Williams said. “But I don’t know that they’d say that. That’s what we’ll talk about. I don’t want to make a decision without weighing everything out. It’s a big decision and I’m in a situation that no one has ever been in. I have to make the best decision based on my reality right now.”