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SI All-American Greg Brown Highlights

Brown was one of the top players in the country this season.

The inaugural SI All-American Boys Basketball Team features 15 of the top high school basketball players in the country broken up into three teams who have displayed exceptional dominance during the high school season. Each player has exhibited a level of play this season that will make them a household name at the next level and beyond.

Prospect: Greg Brown

Status: SI All-American First Team

Vitals: 6-foot-8, 205 pounds

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Position: Forward

School: Vandegrift (Austin, Texas)

Schools of Interest: Memphis, Texas, Kentucky, Auburn, Michigan

Why He’s an SI All-American: Want special? Brown has managed a double-double for the last four years. This season he pumped in 26 points, 13 rebounds and 1.5 assists a game. For his career, Brown has managed 3,007 points, 1,493 rebounds, 476 blocks, 188 assists and 134 steals. That makes him one of the most dominant players in the Lonestar State’s rich high school basketball history. Brown is, arguably, the best finisher in high school basketball, but lost in the poster dunks and unreal athleticism is Brown’s ability as a playmaker on both ends of the floor. His production reflects his true gifts, which will be showcased more at the next level and beyond.

What He Said: “It’s a blessing for me to know that all the hardwood is paying off. This being the first team ever at a place like Sports Illustrated is just a blessing. Not many people can say they’re on the first team of something like this. It makes me want to work harder, honestly.”