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SI All-American Candidate Johnathan Lawson Highlights and Evaluation

Johnathan Lawson is a small forward prospect from Wooddale High School in Memphis, Tenn. Lawson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: SF Johnathan Lawson
Projected Position: Small Forward
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-7, 170 pounds
School: Memphis (Tenn.) Wooddale
Committed to: Oregon

Frame: Lean and lanky frame with plenty of room to add and develop muscle at the next level. 

Athleticism: Long and wiry, Lawson has elite footwork and is super agile, making him near impossible to keep out of the paint. Lawson is shifty and quick, which allows him to create of the dribble for himself and his teammates. 

Instincts: Lawson thrives in the point-forward role and uses his versatility and size to create mismatches on the perimeter. Lawson is masterful at getting a piece of the paint and kicking out or drawing the defense and dishing off to the post. He also plays angles well to knife his way into the lane for scores at the rim or short floaters. 

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Polish: Lawson doesn’t allow the defense to speed him up, controlling the pace and surveying the defense before making his move. He’s very calculated and thinks the game plays ahead. He’s a capable threat from the perimeter and defends multiple positions. 

Bottom Line: Lawson’s versatility, size and wingspan create mismatches offensively and allow him to cover a lot of ground defensively. He’s an impact player on both ends and for that reason will make his presence felt early at Oregon.