The Kennedy Chandler Blog: Top Five Schools, Quarantine, Training and More

Top point guard is down to Duke, Kentucky, Memphis, Tennessee and North Carolina.
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Briarcrest (Eads, Tenn.) point guard Kennedy Chandler is arguably the top point guard in the 2021 class with a top five worthy of that appointment: Duke, Memphis, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. After winning the coveted Nike Peach Jam title last summer, Chandler averaged 24 points, five assists and five rebounds a game for the Saints this season. Now, Chandler has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world, it’s Kennedy Chandler kicking off my new Sports Illustrated blog!

So most of you know that I am down to five schools. I cut my list last week to Memphis, Tennessee, Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky.

It was a really tough decision because I had a really strong list of 10 schools, but, at the end of the day, I felt like these five schools were the best options for me.

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It made it tougher to cut the list just with all of the quarantining we’re all going through right now. I just felt like it was important to have a smaller list to concentrate on.

I can definitely feel the difference already. It’s a lot easier when you have less texts and phone calls to make.

I won’t have another cut to my list or anything like that; I’ll pick my school from this list.

As far as a timetable, I’m not sure about that.

With everything going on in the world we just don’t know what anything will be looking like down the road so I’m just staying open at this point.

I know that people are talking about me and my guy Paolo (Banchero) being maybe a package deal and teaming up in college too. I would love to play with him in college, and if the school that we both feel is right for us happens to be the same school then that’s great.

But we have to do what’s best for us first, and maybe that will be the same school.

Too early to tell right now.

OK, like everyone else I’m doing online classes and my last day of school is May 18.

It’s weird because I can’t really say that I’m ready to get out of school because I already am.

I still train hard; I was doing a lot of running outside and now some gyms are starting to open so we’re getting out there with my trainer a little more.

I don’t feel like my game is rusty at all. That’s why I’m training so hard. I want to be ready when we pick things back up.

It’s just different to have all of this free time, but I don’t do much else than I was doing before. I still play the game a lot and things like that.

I’m just ready for everything to be over and for us to get back out there and play.

At the same time, I want everyone to be safe!

OK guys, I wanted to give you an update on everything going on with me. I’ll check back in with you soon!

Be safe.

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