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2023 Standout OL Vysen Lang Ready to Announce College Decision

2023 Pike Road (Ala.) offensive lineman Vysen Lang is ready to announce his college commitment on Tuesday, November 8th at 5pm. The standout prospect will choose between Auburn, LSU, Tennessee and Texas. He previews each team and the pending decision with Sports Illustrated All-American. 

"I am excited and ready to get it off my chest and let it be," Lang said of the excitement around the upcoming decision. "It was a lot and a long process with this recruiting game. I am ready to get it over and let a school know I am coming to them to be a part of their family."

On Auburn: They are the home state school. I have been there more times than any other school. I have been to their practices and everything. Them just being 20 minutes away, their coaches, Coach Friend, I really like him and what he does. I believe he is a good coach. My cousin went to Auburn and played wide receiver about five years ago, so I know a lot of people that go to school there and that are on the roster. A lot of my friends go there."

On LSU: Just being Death Valley, that atmosphere, going to that stadium, it is shocking. That stadium with the fans there is one of the best in the world. Then coach Davis, that is my dog there. He is one of the only black coaches in this profession, so he understands me more and how to better approach me than some other coaches. 

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On Tennessee: "I went to the Bama game, and besides LSU, that was the best atmosphere I have been to. The fans were crazy. They showed energy from start to finish. I bonded with a bunch of players in the locker room, then Coach Elarbee is a family-oriented man. I love his coaching style. He isn't just going to cuss you out. He is going talk to you like a man, show you what you did wrong and how to improve it. In the o-line room, it is a big family and not just a bunch of individuals there. 

On Texas: They have built like a perfect storm with getting the new coaches with Coach Sark and Coach Flood there. Already with the 2022 class, you have great talent going there like Quinn Ewers, the o-line and skill players they have got. Then the upcoming class you have Arch Manning going there, and you seen as soon as he committed there was a whole bunch of five-stars that wanted to be there and committed. I just feel like with Texas, they will be one of the best teams in college football soon. 

Lang will announce his decision in front of friends and family tomorrow afternoon at Pike Road High School at 5 pm CT. While there is still time to mull things over and finalize a decision, he does know what one school is getting in him as a player. 

"Not only am I talented enough to play for one of these programs, but I am a great person off the field," Lang said of this. "I don't get in trouble and I am respectful and a leader. That is one thing I pride myself on is being a leader and setting a standard. Whichever school I go to is going to get a leader on and off the field and that always tries to help the team do whatever I need to do.