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SI All-American Candidate Aalah Brown Highlights and Evaluation

Aalah Brown is a wide receiver prospect from Valdosta High School in Valdosta, Ga. Brown is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Aalah Brown                                                                                         
Status: SI All-American candidate                                                                               
Vitals: 5-foot-10, 185 pounds                                                                             
Position: Wide Receiver                                                                                                     
School: Valdosta (Ga.) Valdosta                                                                                 
Schools of Interest: Georgia Tech, Oregon, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Vanderbilt. 
Projected Position: Wide Receiver

Frame: Balanced and lean with definition in a strong upper body. Broad shoulders with even weight distribution relative to size. 

Athleticism: In tight space, elite quickness. Powerful short steps that allow Brown to power through tackles or change direction. Good open-field speed. Lateral quickness to play any skill position. Good all-around agility. 

Instincts: He seems to find a way through traffic regardless of how many defenders are near Brown. Knows when to cut back or try to beat a defender to the corner. Incredible timing for when he jumps to take the football away from the defensive back. 

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Polish: Great spin move in traffic. Balance after contact is tremendous. Great effort to gain extra yardage after being hit. Positions himself well to make jump-ball receptions. Brown’s agility allows him to consistently make defenders miss. 

Bottom Line: Brown is a playmaker that possesses athleticism, good moves, and good power. He’s capable of breaking long gains with speed, a spin move, or breaking a tackle. Also adept at making catches in traffic, Brown has a penchant for making contested catches.