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SI All-American Candidate Ben Christman Highlights and Evaluation

Ben Christman is an offensive tackle prospect from Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio. Christman is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Ben Christman
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-6, 305 pounds
Position: Offensive tackle
School: Richfield (Ohio) Revere
Committed to: Ohio State
Projected Position: Offensive guard

Frame: Filled out lower half with strong trunk. Classic interior prospect build with a powerful physique.

Athleticism: Looks far more athletic on skip pulls and outside zone plays than he ever does in pass pro. He tends to be a knee and waist bender in pass prop, but rolls his hips through context exceptionally well on the second level.

Instincts:Through the echo of the whistle type of football player. Will not stop until his opponent is on his back in high school, which could translate. At least you won’t have to worry about him quitting on a block.

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Polish: The pass set needs work, but he’s set and ready to be an inside zone, drive you off the point specialist. Just a big and bruising prospect. This is a “trust the measurable” type of football player. They don’t make them bigger.

Bottom Line: Christman is a guard, no ifs or buts about it, and that’s okay because Ohio State asks their guards to man up with three techniques and he will have no problems physically with those types of players. He’s a run block specialist and plays with a nasty demeanor.