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SI All-American Candidate Blake Fisher Highlights and Evaluation

Blake Fisher is an offensive tackle prospect from Avon High School in Avon, Ind. Fisher is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Blake Fisher
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-6, 335 pounds
Position: Offensive Tackle 
School: Avon (Ind.) 
Committed to: Notre Dame
Projected Position: Offensive Tackle

Frame: Big torso and above-average width in shoulders and arms. Wide hips, bubble butt and large thighs and calves. Has room to re-compose and further define frame. 

Athleticism: Solid athlete for a big man with good knee bend. Fair initial footwork in run and pass. Can reduce space and engage. Good 2-hand punch at the point. Reliable to sustain base blocks and reaches. Takes advantage of angles when down blocking. Produces on second level with size allowing him to engulf defenders.

Instincts: Uses a 45-degree set and short set. Gets a good push off his set foot/leg to get out to combat 7-technique ends. Flashes very good accuracy and hand placement in his punch. Will use a knife chop to counter late. Can anchor and end it. Has some awareness to pass off E-T stunts, twists and games. Good vision to climb up to the second level in the run game. 

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Polish: Plays left tackle out of a 2-point stance. Executes zone concepts, limited deuce blocks and man-on-man concepts. Must increase snap quickness out of stance. Will wrap at the point some in the run game when base blocking. Needs to improve positioning when reach blocking. Gets tall in pass protection and has limited experience mirroring and recovering in space. 

Bottom Line: Blessed with a mammoth frame and solid movement skills, Fisher is a productive offensive lineman. He uses his size and punch to sustain his blocks versus the run and often turns his pass-protection reps to phone-booth fights. Fisher currently plays left tackle, and could remain there at the next level or kick over to the right side, if not move to the interior front as a guard.