SI All-American Candidate Branson Yager Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: OL Branson Yager
Projected Position: Right Tackle
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-7, 332 pounds
School: Grantsville (Utah)
Committed to: Nebraska 

Frame: Absolutely massive. Rare width across shoulders, chest. Midsection needs reworking. Thick waist. Under-developed arms. Big, relatively solid thighs and trunk. Plenty of weight already; emphasis will be recomposition. 

Athleticism: Surprisingly adequate overall mobility. Light feet, and flexible hips, ankle for size. Moves well in open space; average speed. Underwhelming power given his frame. 

Instincts: Tenacious. A multiple-effort player who cleans up until whistle blows. Punch can be devastating, though has a tendency to “catch” in the run game. Capable of hitting moving targets in space; effective in the screen game. Confident pass protector. A bit slow out of stance. 

Polish: Clean footwork in pass protection. Must continue fighting pad level as a run blocker; quick to get upright when engaged. Needs to further develop body, quick-twitch muscles. 

Bottom Line: Yager almost looks too big for Power-5 football on the hoof, but clearly moves well enough to play at the highest level. Mobility stands to improve as he converts extra weight to muscle. Likely years away, but has the developmental upside of quality starter at right tackle.