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SI All-American Candidate Cody Jackson Highlights and Evaluation

Cody Jackson is a wide receiver prospect from Foster High School in Richmond, Texas. Jackson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Cody Jackson
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot, 170 pounds
Position: Wide Receiver
School: Richmond (Texas) Foster
Committed to: Oklahoma 
Projected Position: Wide Receiver

Frame: Fairly thin frame at a lean 170 pounds. Solid shoulder width and limb length for size. Appears to have some definition throughout the body. 

Athleticism: Two-sport athlete who is a sprinter in track & field during the spring. Classic build-up speed type from the slot who can climb vertically and stack defenders. Has a longer stride than most. Capable of adjusting to throws to manipulate catch points and also can high-point in crowds. RAC-speed is apparent when he’s allowed to square his pads to posts. 

Instincts: Does not face press coverage often, yet flashes a release toolbox contains a 3-step hesitation, attack-and-slip, and a foot fire release. He has a good feel for leverage in vertical stem and can force coverage to early hip manipulation. Solid discipline to sustain his redline downfield. Uses eyes very well when tracking, evidenced by comfort making over-shoulder hauls. 

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Polish: Spends most of his time as 1 or 2 in trips sets and as an off-ball/stack receiver in 2x2 sets. His current route tree is mostly vertical concepts - gos and posts, though he will execute some quick-game concepts. Has a good bam step in his posts. Must develop better upper-body strength and quicker initial quickness versus press, while expanding his route tree. 

Bottom Line: Jackson is a long-striding speedster who lives on the third level. He can build speed into his route stem and has solid hands. While he has a better awareness of perimeter and third-level space than he does second-level defenders, he’s a deep threat who can force defenses to stay in the sub when he’s aligned in the slot. Jackson fits best in an offense that features vertical passing concepts.