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Elite DL Daevin Hobbs Talks Contenders Ahead of Friday Commitment

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For elite North Carolina defensive lineman Daevin Hobbs the recruiting process has been a fast-paced experience, with multiple top programs from across the nation vying for his commitment in recent months. Hobbs plans to announce a commitment on November 25th at Jay M. Robinson High School, but he still has to make a decision between now and then, and it is not shaping up to be an easy one. Ahead of the planned announcement, Hobbs previews the decision with Sports Illustrated All-American.

"I would say it has had times where it has been stressful, definitely," Hobbs said of how he has handled the recruiting surge. "But as far as this opportunity, I am so thankful for it, but there have definitely been some stressful times."

Below, Hobbs details why each contender is in the race for his services:

On Alabama: They are Alabama. They have been the big dog since I can remember, pretty much. I have a close relationship with Coach Cox dating back to when he was at UNCC, so I am close with him. Coach Roach is really good on the d-line, and I have really connected with him.

On Georgia: They have been dominating the competition all year. I like what Coach Smart is doing. I like the way Coach Scott coaches them. I went there on my OV and had a really good time. I like it there a lot.

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On Michigan: I like the way their defensive scheme and they way they use their d-ends a lot. I like Coach Harbaugh, and I like it up there a lot. When I was little, I used to play for a team called "Power House" and we pretty much wore Michigan helmets, so I have pretty much always watched them growing up.

On North Carolina: I could be able to rep my own state. I think that would be really cool. It is close to home and all of my friends would be able to come and watch my games. I like what Coach Cross is doing there with the d-line, and they are having a really good year so far.

On Ohio State: They are a top team this year. I like the coaches there and what they are doing. I like how they operate. I love the environment, and I like the campus a lot. Just all of that makes them a finalist for me.

On Tennessee: They are on their new journey to being a top team again. Coach Heupel and Coach Garner are pretty much showing they can do it. They show a lot of love. I liked it when I went there on my OV, too.

Hobbs hopes to have this decision worked out and finalized by no later than Thursday night, as he hopes to go into Friday's planned announcement with a clear idea of who he will pick. While there are predictions flowing in, this race is still too early to call, as each team mentioned is preparing for final pitches in the next 48 hours.