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SI All-American Candidate Elliot Donald Highlights and Evaluation

Elliot Donald is a defensive line prospect from Central Catholic High School in Reading, Pa. Donald is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: DL Elliot Donald

Projected Position: Defensive Tackle

Status: SI All-American Candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot-2, 250 pounds 

School: Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic

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Committed to: Pittsburgh

Frame: Defined upper body with solid shoulders and flat stomach. Tightly-wound midsection with sleek thighs and carved calves. 

Athleticism: Foundation of his game is first step and excellent snap quickness. Flashes ability to fire out with fair leverage to reduce ground. Possesses good balance and ankle flexion to flatten and close in tight space. Good mobility and range to chase in space. Has above-average strength to hold his own at the point and fight through creases. 

Instincts: Attack-style defender with very good play urgency and tempo to get upfield at the snap. Creates what he wants at the line of scrimmage entry. Good key diagnosing and can execute twists and stunts. Relies heavily on swim/arm-over at the point of attack versus run and pass. 

Polish: Mainly plays 3 and 4i-technique with some 1-technique/A-gap responsibilities. Along with his swim, has a near-leg step-through, stutter and bull-rush in his arsenal. Somewhat of a tweener at this point who needs to continue adding mass if he wants to stay inside. Stalls in his rush at times and has issues with mass and power. Must vary his hand usage and become a more consistent finisher.  

Bottom Line: Donald’s uncle is Los Angeles Rams superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and they indeed share some similarities. Elliot is an attacking defensive lineman who wreaks havoc in the B-gap. With his excellent snap quickness, he projects best to be developed as a 3-technique defensive tackle in a defensive structure with a 4-man front and single gap responsibilities.