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SI All-American Evan Pryor Highlights and Evaluation

Evan Pryor is a running back prospect from William Amos Hough High School in Cornelius, N.C. Pryor is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Evan Pryor
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
Position: Running Back
School: Cornelius (N.C.) William Amos Hough
Committed to: Ohio State
Projected Position: Running Back/Slot Receiver

Frame: Compact build with fair definition throughout body. Decent length in arms. Narrow torso, tight waist and fair thighs/hips. Straight calves.

Athleticism: Sprinter in track and field who excels in the 100-meter dash. Also has clocked a 4.31 shuttle time. Possesses quick feet and good change of direction. Can sink, chop and go when working inside. Has quickness to and through alleys to urgently arrive on second level. Prefers to bounce and work on edges. Elusive. Can avoid with a speed cut in space versus approaching linear defenders. Good contact balance on second and third levels. Good ball skills and above-average strike zone with athleticism to adjust as a receiver. 

Instincts: Patient in outside zone and stretches with ability to quickly re-square pads to punch vertical. Can cut well off lead blockers. Good vision of play-side ‘backers and second-level defenders with good mental processing and decision making. Also shows to be aware and willing to challenge in pass protection. Tracks ball well as a receiver with good eyes through catch points.

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Polish: Executes outside and inside zone, counters and power run concepts from shotgun, split-shotgun and pistol alignments. Works from the slot with some motion from backfield, as well as on the perimeter and in stack alignments as a receiver. Route tree consists of digs, fades, seams, skinny posts and speed outs. Can get grabby in his exchange with quarterbacks and not fully open his basket. Routinely makes 1 miss, yet must prove he can split 2 consistently at college level. Question true size and bulk, and ability to hold up in pass pro at college level. 

Bottom Line: Pryor has a versatile skill set to impact the game as a runner, receiver and returner. He has good foot quickness, athleticism and vision, to go along with good hands and ball skills when working as a receiver. The Tar Heel state native is between a traditional bell-cow back and a lightning back at the moment, as he will need to add more strength and bulk. Look for him to start off as a lightning/COP back with terrific pass-game value, and perhaps ascend to an offense’s No. 1 runner later in his college career.