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SI All-American Candidate Jack Pugh Highlights and Evaluation

Jack Pugh is a tight end prospect from Hilliard Bradley High School in Hilliard, Ohio. Pugh is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Jack Pugh 
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 235 pounds
Position: Tight End 
School: Hilliard (Ohio) Bradley 
Committed to: Wisconsin 
Projected Position: Tight End

Frame: Wisconsin likes them big and he’s every bit of 6’5, 235 pounds with room to grow. Tremendous length. 

Athleticism: Any kid this big with the ability to beat press-man coverage on the outside and then flip over to the defensive side of the football and play defensive end is borderline freakish athletically, relative to the size. He’s even got some top-end speed as well. 

Instincts: Just an all-around great football player that understands how to use his length and strength in every aspect of his game. He can really high point the football as well and shows signs of being a willing blocker. 

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Polish: Wisconsin is one of the few teams left that plays with an end of the line tight end, and he hasn’t really done that at all on the high school level, so there will be some coaching that needs to be done there. Otherwise, this kid is ready to roll into college and play. 

Bottom Line: This is a tremendous athlete and football player as a whole. Pugh plays fast and physical and seems to really enjoy the game of football, and worst case you flip him over the defense and let him rush the passer cause he does that well too.