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Jeffrey M'Ba, the Nation's top Junior College Football Recruit, in his Own Words

Coveted defensive line recruit outlines ambitious visit schedule down the stretch

Jeffrey M'Ba is one of the most highly-recruited prospects in America, hauling in 30 offers since arriving on the Junior College scene at Independence C.C. in Kansas. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling his journey to football from his time in France to his skyrocketing recruitment at Independence and preparation for his upcoming commitment decision.

I am back again this week after my introduction blog because I wanted to tell you all about some of my thoughts on the recruiting process and some of the exciting visits I have planned.

So, today, I am going to Columbia, Missouri, to check out what the Missouri Tigers have. Then on Saturday, I am going to Norman to the Oklahoma game.

Next week, I am going to the game at Auburn, so I will be there for the Iron Bowl game. The week after that, I am taking an official visit to the University of Tennessee on December 3rd. After I have at USC on December the 10th, and before that, I will be at the University of Oregon on December the 8th. I may try to go back to Miami, and I hope to visit Houston and Jackson State, too, but I am not sure when.

Much like the game of football, taking visits and experiencing games are all new to me as well. The only game I have been to is when I was in Miami, and they played N.C. State.

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The Miami visit was crazy because it was like a show, a real show. The lights go off when they score a touchdown, so that was really fun, and I just realized that I am going to be in a position like that at one of these schools in a couple of months so that just made me excited to get out and experience the others.

Like I said earlier, the recruiting process is also very new to me, but I have found out that it can be very stressful to try and decide where you want to go. At the beginning, it was a lot of fun when I got my first offers and had new coaches showing a lot of love, but now, I am ready to focus on my top 10.

I have found that JuCo (junior college) is different than high school, too. In high school, I talked to some coaches, but when you are in JuCo, the coaches that offer you really need you right away. So everybody is showing you a lot of love all the time. Sometimes I will be up till midnight on the phone talking to different coaches. I feel like since I have my top ten, I can focus a lot more on the specifics, but I am thankful for it all. So thankful because if you go back a few months ago, I did not have all of these offers.

These upcoming visits are going to be important for me because I want to find the right place for me, so I am going to be looking at everybody, not just the big schools. I want to find the right coaching staff and a coach that I can wake up every day and know that is going to fight for me, and I will want to fight for them. I feel like that is the most important thing, then I want to find a place that I fit in with other people that want to wake up and work every day like me, so that is a big factor. 

Other than that, I know I just know that I can put in the work and go to the league, so I just want to find the right coaches to help me do that. I want the coach that is going to help me with my game every day.

This is all I have for now! I will talk to you guys soon after my visits to Missouri and Oklahoma this weekend!