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SI All-American Candidate Jeremiah Williams Highlights and Evaluation

Jeremiah Williams is a defensive end prospect from Ramsay High School in Birmingham, Ala. Williams is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Edge Jeremiah Williams

Projected Position: Edge

Status: SI All-American Candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot-4, 220 pounds

School: Birmingham (Ala.) Ramsay

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Committed to: Florida

Frame: ​Fairly wide shoulders and solid length through arms with definition. Tight torso and waist with room to add to lower half. 

Athleticism: ​Solid all-around athlete who plays with strength and toughness. Comfortable setting edges versus reach and base blocks with 1 or 2-hand punch. Has good range and works to maintain outside leverage to reach ball-carriers playside. Solid first-step quickness as a pass-rusher. Flashes good ability to clear hips and flatten when cornering and has excellent closing quickness. 

Instincts: ​Times blitzes well with late declaration pre-snap when working off ball and stacked. Plays with solid eyes in zone coverage concepts. Can relate to 2 and 3 in coverage with solid break on ball. Alert to attack throwing arm when pursuing and finishing on passers. Alert to get mitts inside throwing lanes at the line of scrimmage. 

Polish: ​Plays both as a stand-up edge and off-ball ‘backer. Has experience in the boundary and to the field. Flashes variation with his mitts via an inside long-arm stab, inside chop-and-club, rip, swim and also has a speed rush. Needs to sell his initial upfield rush better to set up his inside attacks. Is somewhat light in the pants and needs to add bulk to his frame. 

Bottom Line: ​Williams plays with very good effort, along with good awareness and space production. He can hold his own underneath in zone coverage concepts in the passing game and also has a varied pass-rush toolbox. He isn’t overly long or massive, yet he has enough strength and toughness to factor. Williams fits best as a Jack or Sam edge-type working on the flanks in a defense with a 3-4 base.