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SI All-American Candidate Joshua Robinson Highlights and Evaluation

Joshua Robinson is a defensive end prospect from Douglas County High School in Douglasville, Ga. Robinson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Joshua Robinson                                  
Status: SI All-American candidate                        
Vitals: 6-foot-4, 235 pounds                          
School: Douglasville (Ga.) Douglas County    
Position: Defensive End                          
Committed to: Georgia Tech                    
Projected Position: Defensive End

Frame: Long and tall. Average shoulder and chest width. High, narrow waist. Spindly, tightly-wound legs with under-developed trunk. Tons of room remaining for additional mass and muscle. 

Athleticism: Quick. Good feet in short spaces. Above-average top-end speed; long strider. Functional play strength that’s clearly improving. Somewhat tight hips, ankles curb change-of-direction ability in space. 

Instincts: Physical. Not afraid to engage with linemen before shedding to ball. Just as comfortable in run support as getting after pass. Patient upon arriving in backfield; rarely over-runs the play. 

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Polish: Shows promise as hand-fighter. Already adept at using long arms to keep linemen from chest. Must diversify pass-rush toolbox; gets by most often with quickness in high school. Tendency to lose base, especially in space. 

Bottom Line: Robinson is a long, athletic defensive end with budding power and overall strength. He should settle in around 250 pounds at the next level, eventually emerging as a solid if largely unspectacular performer for the Yellow Jackets. Likely multi-year starter.